Monday, January 23, 2012

California winter

Last week we travelled up to San Jose for a few days. We are loving this California "winter" weather! We went to the beach one day and had a blast! It was warm with no wind...can't beat it! This picture reminds me of a summer vacation to Pajaro Dunes where Mandy and I had seaweed "pets" named Pebbles and Bam Bam.

Then we went to Happy Hollow with good friends who we haven't seen in way too long. Tony and I went to Mitty together and while standing here we realized that 20 years ago we were standing in the line with our moms to buy our textbooks before Freshman year. 20 years!! Now we have a 2.5 year old and a 1.5 year old on our shoulders!

Kaylee enjoyed the carousel, she rode a leopard with a fish in it's mouth!

Then we came back to Fresno and went to a local hockey game! The Fresno Monsters is a league for 16-21 year olds, basically a feeder team to colleges. We went with my cousin Heidi and her husband Jason.
We had a great time and I think Kaylee is officially a hockey fan. She would raise her arms and yell YAY whenever the crowd went wild.

This week we toured the Fresno Zoo. It is very small but we had a nice time. We purchased a season pass so Kaylee and I can spend a lot of time there during the warmer weather months.

Our favorite animals were the Orangutans (yes, I had to google how to spell that!). There was a Daddy whose head was MASSIVE! We were mesmerized by how large he was. This is the Momma. They have a 1 year old son and a brand new baby girl, and we happened to be there when they were all out playing. It was probably one of the coolest things I've seen.

We went back to San Jose this past weekend just to hang out. It is so wonderful being so close again!

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During the last few weeks of pregnancy, Kate listened to Brad Paisley's new song "Then". She didn't just listen to it a few times, she obsessively played the song on repeat, learned every word, and sung it at the top of her lungs while driving. Then one day a few weeks after Kaylee was born, Kate was driving with Kaylee by themselves. Kaylee began to cry...then scream. It didn't matter how much Kate reassured her, pulled over to make sure something wasn't wrong, or attempted to hold the pacifier in place with one arm backwards while driving. It finally occurred to Kate that maybe Kaylee wants mommy to sing to her (although no one else would want this!). So Kate put track #4 on and began to sing. Kaylee immediately calmed down. Low and behold, it's not even mommy's singing that Kaylee likes! It's Brad's!