Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Bumbo...what a funny word

For MY birthday, Kaylee got a Bumbo seat! Funny how shopping for myself has gone out the window! This last week Kaylee has been doing sit ups when she is laying on her playmat or in my lap. She prefers to sit and is pretty good at holding her head up. So last night we bought a Bumbo at the kid's consignment shop in Apex. It also works really well when we Skype with Grandpa!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Happy Birthday Kate!

John treated me to a Chili's dinner for my birthday tonight! I had a coupon for a free dessert so we got the Paradise Pie...highly recommended! :) Kaylee was awake all dinner but was content to sit in her car seat and watch us eat.

Monday, September 28, 2009

A love-hate relationship

Who knew I'd ever be so excited about being successful at sucking snot from my child's nose. Kaylee is conflicted about it's use though. She hates to see it coming at her, does not like it being stuck in her nose, but then smiles when the booger is no longer in her nose. I'm sure it's a plight that most mothers experience...feeling guilty for forcing an object up your baby's nose, frustration with those super stuck boogers, and wishing you had smaller fingers to remove said boogers. But all in all, we're fortunate to not have to use the aspirator all that often.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Monday, September 14, 2009

A day in the life....

I am starting to understand that Grandpa is on the computer screen! We love Skype!

The bathtub we registered for and got as a gift causes me much anxiety during bath time because of it's poor design. So tonight I improvised with a "big person towel" and our kitchen sink!! So much easier and I actually enjoyed giving her a bath!!

I fell asleep waiting for mommy to figure out a new bathing method! I NEVER fall asleep on the boppy!!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

An outfit by Aunt Mandy!!

At 2 1/2 months I now weigh 10 lbs! and I'm 22" long!

Sunday, September 6, 2009


For the full effect, hit the "play" button, then pause it until the video has loaded completely (you'll see the light red bar move along the play scale). For even more excitement, pause the Brad Paisely song to your right so you can hear Kate's little girl voice.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

What has Kaylee been up to for 2 months??

Kaylee turned 2 months old this past weekend and the time sure has flown by! She has been a busy little girl growing and being loved by mommy and daddy. She smiles a lot with occasional giggles, she loves the sound of daddy's voice (even on the answering machine!), and she holds her head up strong! She just started pumping her right arm, Arsenio Hall style, which I find hilarious mainly because she looks at her arm like "what in the world are you doing?!". These last couple of days she has been gnawing and sucking on anything she can get in her mouth (fists, thumbs, arms, clothes, mommy!) and the doctor thinks she might be teething! I'm not ready for that!! I'm perfectly content with meeting milestones on time, not AHEAD of time (especially ones that involve teeth!). I now truly understand why everyone's advice has been to "enjoy the small things"...I already feel like every time I blink she's doing something new...soon she'll be in Kindergarten! ahhh!!! :)

My mom made this blanket for me when I was a baby. The fabric was from her bridesmaid dresses.

She's been sleeping through the night for about 3 weeks now. Anywhere between 7-10 hours straight!!! She takes 1-2 morning naps, and then is awake all day until it's bedtime. At night she is swaddled  but during the day she sleeps like a frog.

I lost one of my lists of shower attendees/gifts (which explains why several of you may not have received cards from me yet...that, and I'm a procrastinator) but THANK YOU to whoever gave Kaylee the hanging duck!! I think she has a future in boxing as she thoroughly enjoys punching the duck and it has provided many minutes of entertainment! In fact, it's what she is doing as I type this! The duck also seems to be her motivation to roll over! When I have placed her just out of reach of it she has gotten herself up on her side in attempt to reach it. She hasn't rolled over yet, but she's well on her way.

Aunt Mandy made this blanket for Kaylee.

She/we survived a fall down the stairs (in her car seat) a few weeks ago. It was a rainy day and I slipped on the stairs while carrying her to the truck. She bumped her head on one of the stairs so we went to the ER for a CAT scan. Luckily she was perfectly fine. Kudos to Graco car seats! :) I was more banged up than she was. She seemed to have forgotten about the fall within a few minutes of it happening. I on the other hand still have vivid, traumatic visions of her falling and hope to never test her resiliency ever again.

She also has survived many creepy people in public, including a toothless lady who promised Kaylee that she would "grab her and take her away from mommy and daddy and give her chocolate ice cream". Word to the wise, don't use the words "grab" or "take" to a parent in regards to their child. Another word of advice, too much chocolate ice cream may cause tooth loss.

This isn't a picture of Kaylee, but I'm starting to like this idea...

And incase you've been wondering about the dogs. They have been great with her! They aren't allowed in the family room where Kaylee's play gym is on the floor, but they still have free roam of the rest of the house. They're typically outside during the day (which is normal for them) and they're always inside at night. Not much has changed in their routine. They both like to sniff at Kaylee's feet if we allow them too, but they always wait until they're invited to do so. They have never actually made any physical contact (ie. nose touching her feet, licking, etc) with her...they still don't know what kind of creature she is so they keep their distance. Gunner always wants to know where she is in the house, and once he finds us he relaxes. If she's asleep in our room and he hears her make a noise, he comes to find me (he doesn't know that I have a monitor to hear her too). Gauge doesn't really care one way of the other. Just to clarify, they don't ever have access to her unless either John or I are holding her.

So much more happens on a daily basis, but I have a feeling that it's mostly exciting to me because I'm her mom. I don't want to go overboard with my "proud mommy" blogging (bragging?). :)


During the last few weeks of pregnancy, Kate listened to Brad Paisley's new song "Then". She didn't just listen to it a few times, she obsessively played the song on repeat, learned every word, and sung it at the top of her lungs while driving. Then one day a few weeks after Kaylee was born, Kate was driving with Kaylee by themselves. Kaylee began to cry...then scream. It didn't matter how much Kate reassured her, pulled over to make sure something wasn't wrong, or attempted to hold the pacifier in place with one arm backwards while driving. It finally occurred to Kate that maybe Kaylee wants mommy to sing to her (although no one else would want this!). So Kate put track #4 on and began to sing. Kaylee immediately calmed down. Low and behold, it's not even mommy's singing that Kaylee likes! It's Brad's!