Friday, November 11, 2011


After 2,688 miles and approximately 40 hrs of driving we made it to CALIFORNIA!!
We stopped in Barstow, CA for lunch on our last day of traveling. They have a nice little monument area that we walked around.

Kaylee was the most awesome traveling 2 year old in the history of traveling 2 year olds! She watched Tangled 17 times. I tried changing the movie, but we all agreed that we just loved Tangled the best. Kaylee's carseat was and is still rear-facing. We had no issues keeping her entertained. (Just throwing my PSA in) :)

We arrived to my cousin Heidi's house and stayed with her and her husband for 2 days. Jason treated us to donuts....oh how we've missed real donuts! This is was Kaylee's first donut EVER! Think she liked it? ;)

On Monday, October 31 we got the keys to our rental house and the Mayflower truck arrived! What perfect timing, God is good!
Kaylee was so excited to unpack her toys that she hadn't seen in 3 weeks. She was very busy while we unpacked and we soon found her sound asleep on the floor. This is the first time she's ever fallen asleep on the floor anywhere. :) Too cute!
We moved in on Halloween and had plans to trick-or-treat in our neighborhood with our cousins that night, but Kaylee threw up before they were supposed to arrive so we canceled the plans. She didn't get sick again so I think it was just the stress of everything and the fact that we had eaten fast food for over a week straight! But we dressed her up and trick-or-treated at our own door. Then she helped me pass out candy to the trick-or-treaters!

We're slowly getting settled in and enjoying having family so close! John's Starbucks is 10 minutes from our house! And there is one within walking distance from the house! Dangerous! Kaylee and I have walked to that one already. :)

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Anonymous said...

thank you for posting those pictures~ i love them. and i see that Kaylee got to use her new Hello Kitty backpack. one just can't have too many backpacks...keeps one organized! welcome to california, and what a joy to be only 10 minutes from his work. Hugs,


During the last few weeks of pregnancy, Kate listened to Brad Paisley's new song "Then". She didn't just listen to it a few times, she obsessively played the song on repeat, learned every word, and sung it at the top of her lungs while driving. Then one day a few weeks after Kaylee was born, Kate was driving with Kaylee by themselves. Kaylee began to cry...then scream. It didn't matter how much Kate reassured her, pulled over to make sure something wasn't wrong, or attempted to hold the pacifier in place with one arm backwards while driving. It finally occurred to Kate that maybe Kaylee wants mommy to sing to her (although no one else would want this!). So Kate put track #4 on and began to sing. Kaylee immediately calmed down. Low and behold, it's not even mommy's singing that Kaylee likes! It's Brad's!