Thursday, November 11, 2010

The first of many to come!

On Wednesdays Kaylee and I go to our mom's Bible Study at a friend's home. We have a wonderful mom who does childcare and Kaylee really loves her. Yesterday morning I asked Kaylee if she wanted to go see Ms. Megan and she nodded her head and smiled very enthusiastically. There is also a 3 year old little girl, Kaitlyn, who has adopted Kaylee. Kaitlyn REALLY wants to be a big sister some day so she's practicing on Kaylee and does a wonderful job. Yesterday's craft was hand spiders. I'm sure Ms. Megan did the tracing and cutting, but Kaitlyn helped with the glue and glitter. All Kaylee did was hold still to have her hand traced, but it's her first art project! So it's on the fridge. :) I'm a proud mama.


Karyn said...

Adorable! Future artist in the making. :)

Rebecca said...

Too cute! And what a cute craft idea!


During the last few weeks of pregnancy, Kate listened to Brad Paisley's new song "Then". She didn't just listen to it a few times, she obsessively played the song on repeat, learned every word, and sung it at the top of her lungs while driving. Then one day a few weeks after Kaylee was born, Kate was driving with Kaylee by themselves. Kaylee began to cry...then scream. It didn't matter how much Kate reassured her, pulled over to make sure something wasn't wrong, or attempted to hold the pacifier in place with one arm backwards while driving. It finally occurred to Kate that maybe Kaylee wants mommy to sing to her (although no one else would want this!). So Kate put track #4 on and began to sing. Kaylee immediately calmed down. Low and behold, it's not even mommy's singing that Kaylee likes! It's Brad's!