Saturday, June 2, 2007

North Carolina to date...

Hi Everyone!
Welcome to our blog...a place to keep updated on and stay in touch with our North Carolina life!

Our big news (actually, our ONLY news) is that we are in the process of purchasing our first home. Pending the inspection next week we will close on the home on June 15. The house is in Sanford, NC out in the county not witnin city limits. You can see the post below to find out the details.

I have been busy as a Family Counselor with Youth Villages. My region is out in Chatham County, one of the very rural areas of the state. I have 5 clients that I see three times per week in their homes. Our clients are ages 10-17 years old, but we primarily meet with the parents to help teach them parenting skills such as setting up rules and structure in the home. I can't even explain in words how much I enjoy my job and feel so blessed to finally be a counselor.

Gunner and Gauge are loving NC. They really loved Freddy and Candy's much that they ate the trees, solar lights, and the deck. Due to the construction at their house now (see their blog in our links section to find out about all that!) our dogs have had to get used to hanging out in the apartment while we're at work and we're now regulars at the local dog park. They're still the same ol' loveable coonhounds.

John is alive and...yada yada yada...doing well.

That's about it for us... We hope you're all enjoying the beginning of summer! Come visit soon!


Jessica said...

Hello Best Friend!!! I miss you and my nephews to pieces! Penelope, Cleo and Lola were asking about their cousins the other day! We love you guys and miss you! I love the house!

Anonymous said...

hey! love the pictures of the house- beautiful! glad you are loving NC life, so happy for you.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! That's so awesome! The house looks great! Wish we had yards like that over here. :) ~Audra

Anonymous said...

wow so very cool to hear all your news. miss ya, love ya and hope you are having a great 4th!!!

Anonymous said...

oh this is keli and sage


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